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Customer Experience

Can you do more with less? Discover how a B2B Experience Portal can increase your efficiencies while optimizing customer experiences at the same time.

Published on Tuesday, October 10th 2023

In today’s world of digitalization, globalization and increased competition companies are faced with the difficult challenge to improve operational excellence and efficiencies on the one hand, while striving for positive customer experiences and increase customer loyalty.


Excellent customer service and customer experiences are key to a sustainable future for your company. Here are some recent figures from Gitnux to prove it:

  • Companies that focus on B2B customer experience have a 24% higher annual growth rate than other companies.
  • In a B2B Digital Experience Survey, 73% of B2B executives said that customer expectations for personalized experiences are much higher today than they ever have been before.
  • Another study indicated that 70% of B2B buyers are willing to make new purchases over $50,000 through self-service or online channels, which has a big impact on profitability by increasing revenue significantly while lowering operational order intake and follow-up costs.
  • Additionally, at least 80% of B2B customers expect a B2B experience that is as good or better than B2C, demonstrating the high expectations that customers have for their business interactions.

Investing in optimal customer services and experiences is no longer a cost driver, it is a crucial investment to make sure you attract new customers and, moreover, keep those customers with you. A good working B2B Experience Portal is crucial in delivering excellent customer service. Investing in a performant, customer centric experience portal will help your company or organization, independently of the sector or industry you’re in, to increase your overall profitability on short term.

Moreover, when looking at our projects implemented at our own customer base, we can conclude that good B2B experience portals will provide you with a many other advantages and opportunities to optimize your business and internal efficiencies like order and process automation, reducing number of incoming calls and mails, …

What is a B2B Experience Portal?

A B2B Experience Portal is a secure area of a website that provides your customers with access to personalized information, services, and tools related to their accounts. A customer focused B2B portal will result in some important advantages like:

  • Improving customer experience and overall satisfaction through personalized communication and offerings that will result in higher customer retention and lower churn rates.
  • Providing enhanced security that will enable you to build trust with your customers while handling their information in a highly secured manner.
  • Increasing your operational efficiency while automating manual and recurring tasks while gathering valuable insights on your customer’s behaviour, evolutions and needs.

In conclusion we can say that a good B2B experience portal is essential for the future success of your business, independent on the market or industry you’re active in. Within Inetum-Realdolmen we have developed a proven 10-step guide and B2B Experience Portal canvas that will help you to successfully define and implement such a portal on short term.

We have implemented several B2B Experience Portals for a variety of B2B customers in different industries. Defining a clear scope and vision using our B2B experience portal canvas has always been key to successfully start a portal project as it helps to align all stakeholders on the key dimensions and goals before starting the implementation of the project. Once this is done, we guide our B2B customer through the implementation by carefully following the 10-step-process that has been key in all our projects to deliver a B2B Experience portal that fits the needs of the customers and meets the objectives in time.

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